Buying vs. Renting: Why We Decided To Buy A House

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We Decided To Buy A House

We decided to buy a house! Ah I can’t believe I can finally say that. We closed on April 15. I am so excited to finally have a place of our own. We have rented the last two years in the North Dallas area. And while that has been great (we love the house we’re renting), it’s time to move on. When we moved from Houston originally, we still owned our home there. Once we sold it, we weren’t sure where we wanted to move. Because of being unsure about where to move, we waited and decided to rent.

The only downside about renting for us is that we are not building equity or paying towards ownership. While having somewhere to live is a necessity, the money we pay in rent goes to your landlord and not toward building wealth for you and your family. With my husband being a finance guy, I knew renting would be a very temporary solution until we could figure out our next move.

When we moved to Dallas, the housing market was leaning more in favor of sellers not buyers. Meaning there was a demand and prices reflected that. We didn’t want to make any mistakes or overpay for a home, so we waited and monitored the market, researched schools, toured neighborhoods and tried to be as patient as we could.

180 Days On The Market

The house we bought had been on the market for over 180 days, the original buyers could not secure financing timely and the deal fell through. It was the perfect scenario for us. We came in with a low offer because we knew the sellers no longer lived in the home and after 180 days were probably more than ready to sell. It was a gamble and our realtor said it may not work, but we wanted to give it a go.

They accepted our offer immediately! We got a great deal on a beautiful home. Needless to say, it pays to wait! I’m so happy that we found a property that we love. We can’t wait to move in!

Where We Decided To Buy A House

We went back and forth on where we wanted to buy a house for a long time. Ideally, we would buy a house within the same school zone that we are in currently. They’d go to the same school and stay with their friends. However, the housing prices, age of the homes and overall amenities within the communities were not aligned with what we wanted for our family. We’d be paying a premium based on location. As a result, we went a little further north. We actually have lived close to this area before. The boys were much younger and it was our first house that we bought together! Moving back to the area brings back so many memories. I love seeing how much it has developed over the years.

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All About The New House

The new house is just a few years old and beautiful on the inside and out. There are things I want to change/upgrade, but nothing that needs to be done immediately. I’ll give you guys a little home tour and show you why I love the space and some of our future plans.

I love to decorate and style spaces, so having a new house will inevitably get my creative juices flowing. I want our home to be beautiful and modern, with eye catching accents throughout. I have been a pinning machine on Pinterest, trying to find inspiration for each room in the house. I want to try new things design wise! We’ve done a lot of DIY projects together (my husband and I) so we’ll see what I can talk him into for project #1. I’m thinking the downstairs half bath, but that is to be determined.

We also might let the boys have their own room. They have always shared but I think it’s a good time to allow them to split up and enjoy their own space. Someone please tell me that it will also cut down on the non-stop arguing. Don’t get me wrong, they love for each other, but they also love to drive each other crazy.

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Tell me what you would like to see from me for our new house! I will be sharing each room as I complete them. Of course, this will be a process … likely a slow one, but good things take time! So I’ll be patient! But I am so excited to share my design process with you.

Stay tuned for more posts about our new home! 

XO – Steph

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2 thoughts on “Buying vs. Renting: Why We Decided To Buy A House

  1. I have two boys and trust me, them having their own rooms makes life less stressful! Your home is beautiful! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so excited to move into the new space. I think you’re right about the separate rooms! I’m ready to try anything! Lol!


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