What I Wore To #rSthecon + Recap

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What I Wore To #rSthecon

I won’t lie, I didn’t finalize my outfits (or even start shopping really) until a few days before the event. Yes, I have a closet full of clothes, but I wanted everything I wore to be in-stock and shoppable for you guys. So I purchased a few things from Revolve and used pieces from my recent event with J. Crew to create my looks. 

This was my first time attending, so I took a look at the #rSthecon hashtag on Instagram to get a vibe for how people dressed in the past. Every day there were meetings, a garden lunch followed by a party in the evening. Based on the schedule, I knew that I needed about 2 looks per day! Sounds crazy I’m sure, but my daytime outfits, were a bit different than my nighttime outfits. Plus, it was fun to play dress up with a huge group of bloggers all weekend, and a capitalized on that! 

All of my clothing is under $100, unless it was gifted to me (J. Crew pieces and shoes). I’m all about shopping on a budget! What I love about the looks I wore to #rSthecon is that they will look great all summer long! So let’s dive in! I’ll break each look down by day. 

What I Wore To #rsthecon Day One

Day one was a little hectic for me. It was check-in day followed by a pool party! I was coming from work, so I missed check-in and had to do a quick outfit change in the car once I got to the event. I wore a polka dot ruffle skirt with a white crop top that was perfect for the warmer weather! 

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#rSthecon Day One Recap

After checking in for the conference, there was a pool party hosted by Sole Society! It was a great way to welcome the attendees. Everyone was mixing and mingling. It felt like a reunion! We all have those bloggers that we’ve followed for forever, but then you finally meet them and it’s like OMG!!! HIIIII! There was a lot of that 🙂 

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What I wore to #rsthecon day two

Day two didn’t quite start out like I hoped. I had big plans to wear this gorgeous top from an online boutique that I found, and then of course, it didn’t fit. So I opted for a bright pink Free People dress! I really like wearing it, but I got a little wrinkled by the time lunch was over. I changed into a different dress for the second half of the day because I felt like the wrinkles were so noticeable! My party look was an off-the-shoulder white dress that was SO cute and perfect for summer nights. I danced the night away in it and can’t wait to wear it again! 


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#rSthecon Day Two Recap 

Day two started with several keynote speakers taking the stage and sharing the state of the influencer business plus great things to look forward to for rewardStyle and I can’t wait to share more about new things that will be launching with you all! 

After that, we attended a lunch hosted by Mary Kay. It was dreamy! Such a beautiful set up. One thing I will say, the rewardStyle team spares no expense when putting together events! When lunch was over, it was time for our individual schedules/meetings. I had 2 classes plus a one on one session with my rewardStyle rep. Later that time, eBay threw an epic cocktail party in the Hotel Crescent Court Atrium. 

The DJ was EVERYTHING. His name is DJ Sober and he was playing all the hits! We had so much fun! 

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What I wore to #rsthecon day three

I got lucky and received the cutest package from Red Dress Boutique the night before the last day of the conference! There was the most gorgeous white dress inside and I knew I needed to wear it for day three of #rSthecon! It is so feminine and a great length. I opted for my Marc Fischer espadrilles because they are super comfortable! For the finale party, I wore a powder blue off the shoulder dress with my nude Ann Taylor heels that I literally wear to every chance I get. I loved this blue dress because it has puff sleeves and makes such a statement! Again, all of my clothing is under $100! 


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 #rSthecon Day Three Recap

Day three was a busy one! I had 4 brand meetings and 2 classes! Lunch on this day was hosted by JCPenney. The team put together a beautiful setup and I really enjoyed it! After a full day of meetings and classes, my friends and I hosted a live chat on Instagram to answer your questions about the rewardStyle conference. We saw all of you DMs and comments and felt like it was a great way to have a discussion about the elephant in the room! I hope you all caught it, if not, I’m posting it on my IGTV as soon as this post goes live! After the live, we met up with a few Dallas bloggers and had dinner before the finale party!

The finale is supposed to be this big event that everyone always looks forward to each year so we were excited to get there!! Fun times were had by all and I know that I walked away inspired to continue building my brand.

You can shop my looks throughout this post by clicking on the images! Or check out my shop page for full outfit details. Thank you so much for reading and for your support! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter! I select readers at random monthly to receive goodies from my beauty boxes! 

XO – Steph



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