Beauty Edit: What To Pack For A Trip.

Travel Essentials: What To Pack

My skin can sometimes do weird things when I travel. From breakouts, to dryness, redness and everything in between; I’ve literally seen it all. With than being said, I’ve built a pretty solid routine around what I need in my suitcase when I travel.

Travel Essentials: Skincare

For my skincare routine, I try to always make sure I travel with face wipes, a great face cleanser and moisturizer.

I use face wipes to do the initial makeup removal, and then I use my cleanser to do a deeper cleaning. I don’t always feel like I’m getting my full face clean when I solely use wipes. When I’m at home, there are definitely times when I would go to bed just using wipes. But when I’m traveling, I try to take that extra step to ensure I don’t wake up to crazy skin in the morning. I linked my current cleansers that I love. I rotate brands regularly, but these are the staples in my travel beauty bag. Erborian is a forever favorite of mine and new to the club is Korres and Biore!

For moisturizers, a recent discovery has been the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I mean … where have you been all my life?? Like seriously. The first time I used the cream, I said: “okurrr, Charlotte!” Then I kept using it and now I’m hooked. For $100 a bottle, it better be magic! My skin has never felt more moisturized, glowing and smooth. This is a bit of a splurge (and it was gifted to me), so I’m going to also show you what I was using before. Please know that I still use these products to this day and love them!


Travel Essentials: Hair

For my hair, I try to keep it very simple. I know that I need some type of oil or grease to keep my hair moisturized. African-American hair needs this or we get dry! I also pack my hair tool of choice. I rotate between a flat iron and a curling wand depending on how I want to style my hair. Comb, brush and scarves to protect my hair while I’m sleeping. I linked everything I use below. You probably remember Pantene from my 14 day hair challenge! I still use it and love it. Ouai and Keratase are excellent products, especially when I have a sew-in or protective style.


Travel Essentials: Beauty

My beauty regimen is an edited version of my makeup bag. I bring 1-2 different foundations, concealer, bronzer, setting powder, eye brow pencil, eye liner, mascara, highlighter, my brush sets and 1-2 eye shadow palettes. The core products rarely change, but I do swap out foundations based on my mood or what my skin is doing. Everything is linked below.

Travel Essentials: How To Organize Your Toiletries

I always travel with small travel bags to keep me organized. I try to separate everything by product type. For example, skincare, hair and beauty all have their own separate travel bags. That may be excessive for some, but it works for me!

I linked a few small and affordable bags that you can add to your travel bags! You can really find these anywhere but a few of my favorites are from Hudson + Bleecker and The Container Store!

Since I travel so often, I usually keep these bags packed. There often isn’t much time in-between trips, so there is no need to completely unpack them. If you aren’t traveling quite as frequently, that’s okay. Simply having a routine and knowing what you need is a solid foundation to get you started.

I am not a light packer, but if you are, you could easily select 1-2 favorites from each category and pack them into one small toiletry bag!

I hope that gives you a little insight into what I pack for my trips! And I hope it helps you on your next adventure.

Thank you so much for reading! XO – Steph

Photography by Bethany Taylor

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