New York City Work Trip

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New York City is one of my favorite trips to take every year. In fact, I try to go multiple times a year. If I could live there, I would, but since this is not in the cards for me any time soon … I travel!

I was in New York for work this time around. My team won an awesome incentive and a small group of Store Manager’s were able to go experience New York with the brand I work for. I think that employee recognition and incentives are so important for team culture, so this was an awesome experience with my company.

New York Day One: A Nap Was Had

Day one was a travel day. I got into the city, settled into my hotel room and then met up with a few of my co-workers for dinner. I love flying to NYC as early as possible to really maximize the day and beat crazy traffic. I always take the 6AM or 7AM flight, only this time, I was running off of 3 hours of sleep. I was so exhausted by the time I got to my hotel that when they told me that my room was ready at 12PM, as opposed to 4PM, I nearly shed a tear.

Needless to say, my plans for shopping and getting out to see the city quickly came to a halt after I got into the bed. Only leaving the room for a quick run to Shake Shack before my 3PM conference call.

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New York Day Two: Coach House, King Kong, A Hip New Restaurant

Day Two was a bit more adventurous! I met up with my work crew and we visited Coach House, the New York City flagship for the brand. It was incredible to see it in the flesh, because we often see pictures for inspiration for stores outside of the NYC market. After that, we had lunch at a new hotspot in the city Empellon. I am always on the hunt for great Mexican food in NYC and this was by the far the best I’ve had. After being highly disappointed in several previous Mexican restaurant encounters, I left this one with an excitement to return.

We then went to see King Kong on Broadway. I honestly had no idea what to expect. How on earth would they bring King Kong to life, I wondered? But Oh. My. Goodness. They show was phenomenal and King Kong will take your breath away. I took photos at the finale but I won’t spoil it for you. I want you to be just as surprised as I was. There’s a point in the performance when he’s looking out over the audience. We had great seats and I literally was sitting there, looking up at him with my mouth wide open. Like, what?! So cool!

After that we had short break before getting ready for dinner. We went to a super posh spot called Chefs Club. While the portions were … small. The food was so delicious. There was a set menu that gave us a taste of a little bit of everything! The chef rotates so I’m not sure that you’ll have the same food that I did, but you should definitely check it out if you can.

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New York Day Three: Hudson Yards, The Vessel, Meetings

The third and final day started with breakfast and a meeting with our Regional Directors and GM of North American Retail. I loved the intimate setting and being able to have an open dialogue with leaders in the company. It was a great experience that I think will have a meaningful impact on our stores and teams.

We then toured the archives for the brand and saw so many beautiful treasures that make up the brand’s history. And also got to see the work shop where prototypes and samples are made. When that was finished we went on a little field trip to a new NYC attraction – The Vessel. The Vessel is an incredible (and climbable) 15-story art form right outside of Hudson Yards.

Being in New York City is not a new thing for me, but experiencing it in a new way with my company was a great way to spend the last few days. I am leaving New York feeling inspired and reenergized for the last few months of our fiscal year at work.

Thank you so much for reading! If you are headed to New York soon, be sure to check out the new mall at Hudson Yards. It is so beautiful and filled with great retail and restaurants.

Have a great week! XO – Steph


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