Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?

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Well guys, I did “a thing” a few weeks ago. I got eyelash extensions for the first time! I know, I know … It’s 2019. Literally everyone and their mom has gotten eyelash extensions at this point. Truth be told, I have pretty long lashes already. So, this mixed with the fact that I didn’t want to get hooked on something that would be an added expense, kept me from jumping on the bandwagon. But then I saw that both of my sisters had gotten their eyelash extensions. There is an esthetician in Dallas who did them and they looked AMAZING. Because of their inspiration, I went for it. Talk about peer pressure! Haha. 

I wanted a natural look for my eyelash extensions, so I got the same length of my actual lashes for my first try. Basically, we filled in my lashes and made them more full. The last thing I wanted was to get these long eye lashes that didn’t look natural and be unhappy for the next 3-4 weeks! I also wear glasses at night and needed to keep in mind how annoying it is when you blink and your eye lashes hit your glasses. Am I the only one who hates that?! 

Eyelash Extensions: My Experience

Anyway, let’s chat eyelash extensions! First off, when I got them on, there was a little tingly/burning sensation that I could have done without. It came and went quickly, but I did have a small moment of panic … is this the moment where I will lose my eyesight?! Nooooo! 🙂 Clearly, I was a little nervous. Having the extra volume took a little getting used to, but not having to wear mascara or really get my eyes ready each morning was really nice. Here are a few photos of me wearing the eyelash extensions! 


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The eyelash extensions lasted about 4 weeks for me. I went to Mexico with them on and didn’t have any trouble at all. I could tell that they were starting to dwindle by the time I got back though. I think it is recommended to go back every 3-4 weeks for a refill. 

Eyelash Extensions: Should I get them?

Because my lashes are already pretty full, and I don’t want to spend money every few weeks maintaining my eye lashes, I probably won’t get them again any time soon. We are about to close on a house and that money could be spent on throw pillows! But if you are on the fence, I’d say try it at least once. Definitely don’t get them too long, I think you will regret it. And lastly, make sure you go to someone who is a licensed professional! 

Have you had eyelash extensions before? Tell me what you think!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!! XO, Steph


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One thought on “Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?

  1. This is a great article, I love getting eyelash extensions now. I’m so addicted. My eyes actually feels nakef without them. Once I found the perfect spot I’m hooked.


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