Pantene 14 Day Challenge

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene. The opinions and text are all mine.

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It has been 14 days since I first started the 14 Day Challenge with Pantene and I am so excited to share my results with you all. Many of you know that I wear both my natural hair and extensions occasionally, so finding a product that keeps my hair healthy no matter what season I am in has been so important to me.

I chose the Pantene Gold Series Shampoo and Conditioner because of how nourishing it is for African-American hair. Let’s rewind to Day 1, my hair was super dry and flaky. Which is actually pretty normal for me when I’m not using the right products. Honestly, dry scalp has been something I’ve always struggled with and it’s been a challenge for me to find products that moisturize without weighing my hair down.

I was also excited to learn that the Pantene Gold Series Collection came highly and proudly recommended by My Black is Beautiful to try out the products and see what it could do for my hair.

The Gold Series products I used included the Shampoo, Conditioner and Curl Defining Pudding.

Pantene 14 Day Challenge: Day 1

I started Day 1 with the full routine, and used the shampoo first which is infused with argan oil. Argan oil is amazing for psoriasis and dry, damaged skin/hair and I could instantly tell that my hair was loving this product. Normally when you rinse out a shampoo you can tell if it has stripped your hair’s natural oils, but with this shampoo it was noticeable how well it moisturized my hair, while removing product build up before I applied the conditioner.

After rinsing out the shampoo, I applied the conditioner from root to tip to ensure my entire head was saturated before finger detangling my protective style.

Finally, I used the curl defining pudding (my first time using a product like this) to enhance my hair’s natural wave pattern and maintain moisture throughout the week. This was the process I followed on wash days for the entire 14-day journey.

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Pantene 14 Day Challenge: Day 5-7

By Day 5 I began noticing changes because it’s usually around this time that my scalp becomes dry and irritable. I appreciated that this collection was noticeably more hydrating than products I’ve used in the past and liked what the product was doing for my hair.

Pantene 14 Day Challenge: Day 14

Today is Day 14, and I haven’t had a bad hair day yet. All of the products are sulfate free, paraben free, and dye free which makes me feel proud about what I’m putting in my hair and also excited that they actually work with my dry and difficult scalp.

Who else has tried Pantene products? Are you loving them as much as I am?

Thank you so much for reading!

Be sure to follow along on my journey over on Instagram and shop these products at Wal-Mart. Links are included throughout this post!

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