What To Wear To Fashion Week

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What to wear to fashion week is probably the 2nd most popular question question after … how do you attend fashion week?! I love this question because the street style during fashion week is literally the best thing to watch and learn from. Every season before I attend, I look at past street style photos for inspiration and runway looks from designers that may be too far out there for every day wear. 

When it comes to what to wear to fashion week, thinking outside of the box, pushing the envelope and challenging your own personal style are the most important keys for me. In New York, I feel free to wear whatever I want. I don’t care about matching. I don’t care about trends. I just care about style. It’s my favorite time of year. You can literally wear whatever you want and call it fashion. New York is an entire vibe and I’m here for it. 

This season, I only had two days to showcase what I wanted to wear due to the limited time that I was in NYC. I went for chic, funky and comfortable with my fashion. When it came to shoes, I think I wore tennis shoes most days. I literally have zero tolerance for sore feet. A busy schedule means running around, and I can’t do that in heels. So my sneakers saved the day! 

 I did wear heels and boots to style some street style looks, so I linked everything that I brought with me below! Somethings I wore, somethings I just kept handy in case I needed them.  

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What to wear to fashion week: shoes 

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When it came to looks, I had 4 planned. I didn’t want to go too crazy with my suitcase since I was only in the city for two days. I got straight to the point with my New York Fashion Week outfits. One of my favorite looks that I wore included a blouse that I bought last February for fashion week. I love when I can repurpose a piece and wear it again. I have tried to do this a lot more recently, since I have been terrible about rewearing things in the past. Pink and red are my favorite colors to wear together. I thought that I would add some “spice” by wearing these new funky pants. Funny story, as much as I love these pants, they are a bit noisy if you’re legs touch while you walk. I had to be careful not to squeak as I was running around NYC. My exact top sold out, but I linked a VERY good dupe from ASOS

What To Wear To Fashion Week: Look 1


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What to Wear to Fashion Week: Look 2


My next look I actually bought the night before I left for my trip. It was a chance encounter inside of H&M (Ha!) I saw a dress on a mannequin, and knew that I needed it in my life. I originally bought it for my travel outfit because of how comfortable it is. After wearing it and falling in love with the dress even more, I kept it on and wore it as one of my looks. I traveled in my Fila Disruptors, but swapped them out for Marc Fischer Combat Boots when it was showtime! I linked my entire look below for you all to shop. These Lanie boots by Marc Fischer have been so popular. My top selling boot from my readers!


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The best part about the looks that I bought for fashion week, is that they can be worn so many different ways. I can’t wait to show you guys what else I wore and hopefully inspire you to try some new things with your every day style. If you’re heading to fashion week and unsure what to wear or where to start, I hope this helps! 

Part two of this post will be live in a couple days! Thank you so much for reading! 

Photography by Beckely Studio (Lauren Ammerman)

XO – Steph

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