Many of you have asked for a work outfit or office style post, and I am working to bring these looks to you more frequently! I have to remember that not all of us work in a non-traditional work environment! I wear casual clothes almost every day! However, I do love planning out these looks and can’t wait to share more. 

Today I played around with a semi-monochromatic look that can easily be worn into the office. I love wearing sweaters this time of year. Adding color or an interesting neckline are great ways to spice up your every day work outfit. Below are a couple tips I always recommend for anyone wanting to shop for outfits for the office. 

1. Shop for new pieces during off seasons or great sales. This way you get a great price and you can purchase multiple styles. I would also say, aim for styles that are evergreen and can stay with you for seasons to come. When I can repurpose a look or wear it multiple different ways, that is a WIN in my book. Especially if I got the piece on sale! 

2. Have a core rotation of bottoms to pull from. I only own a handful of trousers, but they are so versatile that I literally wear them a million different ways. The trousers I featured in this shoot are from Zara almost 2 years ago. I can dress them up with a strappy sandal. Or dress them down with a boot or flat shoes. Focus on core quality pieces. 


I found this sweater at Nordstrom originally and bought it on major sale. It has since sold out (of course) but I am linking similar styles for you as well! Repurposing pieces from my closet has been a goal of mine in 2019. Sometimes I wear something, and then never wear it again! That just doesn’t make sense. I’ll work on a few more looks in the upcoming weeks. Message me your work outfit or office style questions and I’ll answer them for you! 

Thank you for reading today’s style post! 

XO – Steph