Best Beauty Products: December

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Best Beauty Products December 2018

2018 was a year for BEAUTY! I used so many new beauty products and fell in love with new brands that I haven’t used in the past. Many of you ask me all the time about my makeup! I’m highlighting the best beauty products from last month. 

My skin is normal, meaning it’s a healthy combination of dry and oily. I did a recent post where I talked to you all about makeup/face primers. For that reason, I won’t dive too deep into that topic – read the post here {Best Makeup Primers}.

Let’s dive into what beauty products I used and loved last month. I am only focusing on month to month newbies and favorites. I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the different makeup I use and try year round. It is A LOT! So a monthly highlight of who is new in my beauty bag is where I’ll start! 


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and Concealor

I talked about this foundation a lot on Instagram, but one of my favorite discoveries last month was the Born This Way Collection by Too Faced Cosmetics. Like many of you, I watch what products beauty bloggers are talking about. This product came up time and time again. I got really excited when I saw so many women of color loving it too. I use this product almost daily. Since I rotate brands so often, running completely out of a product takes awhile! But truth be told, I ran out of this product within a month. Definitely bought it again!


Foundation Shade: Chestnut

Concealor Shade: Warm Sand


Revlon Photoready Candid 

A really cool part of my job is working with beauty brands and trying products. The ultimate goal is to share these products with you and inspire you to try them too! Revlon is a new friend and I’ve been using and loving a few products from multiple collections. One of my favorites was their new Photoready Candid Foundation. It was light, buildable and easy to apply. 

Foundation: Photoready Candid Shade 510


Bobbi Brown Bronzer

I made a major change in my makeup routine and stopped using blush. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the way it looked, I was just ready to try something new. This is where Bobbi Brown Bronzer comes into play. I started contouring my cheeks with the bronzing powder in shade “deep.” Doing this gave me a more naturally defined cheekbone. There is not glitter or sparkle to it, which I love. I add the shine in with highlighter as the next step in my makeup routine. 

Bronzer: Shade Deep


Eyeshadow Palettes

There were so many new eyeshadow palettes that I tried in 2018. I am always mixing shades and brands to create the finished look. My top palettes that I used last month and beyond are listed below: 

Urban Decay: Born To Run, Beached (Sold Out but so good)

Too Faced: Chocolate Gold 

Marc Jacobs: Eye-Conic 



This mascara was introduced to me by Reese Witherspoon. I work with Draper James periodically throughout the year and in one of the last goodie boxes from 2018, the Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara. I used it not expecting much and ended up falling in love. I use A LOT of different brands when it comes to mascara. This particular brand is my latest new discovery. You may remember me working with Rimmel London in 2018 as well, I have always enjoyed their mascara. This was probably the first mascara brand I bought when I started wearing makeup years ago! So fun to see things come full circle.  

Elizabeth Arden: Grand Entrance Mascara (Stunning Black)


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There were so many great products added to my beauty bag in 2018, that a full list would probably turn into a small novel! I hope you enjoy taking in my monthly finds, starting with December! What were some of your favorites from last year? Sound off in the comments below or shoot me an email! 

Happy New Year! I can’t wait to share the best beauty products for this month (January)! 

XO – Steph

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