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Happy New Year + 2018 Review

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! WOW! I cannot believe this year is already coming to a close. It’s been an interesting year filled with incredible highs and some unfathomable lows. But seeing the growth in my brand and getting to connect with each of you on a deeper level, has been such a blessing.

Beginning of the Year

When I started 2018, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t focused. I was feeling down and I was still trying to get a handle on what direction I wanted to go.

Creating The Plan

But I slowed down, regrouped and wrote down my goals. I tried my best to follow through, all while balancing life and work. Everything didn’t go as planned, and that’s OK! But it’s amazing to see what happens when you are laser focused on what you want.Β 

I wanted to create content that I am proud of and that you, the reader, can relate to and connect with. There were really proud moments too. From NYFW, to landing my first major brand deal, to then landing several more major deals and then the biggest deal of them all with DSW … it was truly an incredible year that surpassed all my expectations. For this, I am eternally grateful.

2019 Vision

My prayer for 2019 is continued growth, consistency and a relentless pursuit to fulfill all of my potential.

My prayer for each of you is to follow your dreams. No matter what.

Most days I’m terrified and feel like I’m navigating a very unclear space. I wish I knew the exact details of my next move, but I usually don’t. One thing I do know is that my work is not finished yet. I’m trusting God that what’s next for me, will be even better that what has been. I’m claiming it! For you and for me!

Thank You!

Thank you SO much for your support this year. Every comment, like, encouraging word, share, pat on the back … you name it! It does not go unnoticed and keeps me going. It’s not too late to set out your vision for 2019, be intentional! You got this!

Happy New Year, loves. Cheers to 2019! Let’s get after it!

XO – Steph

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