It’s time for another beauty chat! How many of you use a makeup primer? Don’t raise your hands all at once! I recently did an event with a brand and shared makeup tips and tricks. But I was surprised by how many people either didn’t use a makeup primer or weren’t sure what makeup primer to have in their beauty arsenal.

This made me wonder how many others out there might have the same question. So, thank you to everyone who came out to that event, you inspired today’s post!

Now let’s chat makeup primer!  

What is a makeup primer?

Primers are a great way to prepare your face for the makeup you are about to put on. There are so many on the market that help with different things. Some help control shine, others give a mattifying look, and others give you an illuminating glow. There are hundreds in between what I mentioned here. But the one thing that most all makeup primers have in common is they keep your makeup looking great all day long.

Makeup primers I love

I rotate between a few primers, so I’m going to share the TOP 3 that I am loving right now! One is a newbie that I just received in September during fashion week – and it’s SO good that it has replaced all my other primers right now!


This newbie makeup primer has quickly become one of my favorites. I went from using a different makeup primer every few days, to only using this one and never looking back. It’s called the Skin To Die For – No-Filter, Mattifying Primer & Complexion Perfector. I have combination skin, a mix of oily and dry, so this primer works really well for me. It’s mattifying, but not so much so that my natural glow is hidden. Something I’ve also noticed, is that my makeup stays on so well with this brand. I work all day, go do activities for my kids and then come home and work on the blog before bed. When I look in the mirror at night to wash my face, I damn near look the same as I did when the day started. That speaks volumes about the brands I use. I love this makeup primer, it is my current favorite!

2. COVER | FX 

This was my go-to primer before I cheated on her with the Peter Thomas Roth one. So sorry Cover FX, I still have mad love for you. I use this primer under certain foundations because of how rich and moisturizing it is. It’s an Anti-Aging Primer, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. It also contains vitamins and a multi-peptide complex that supports the natural production of collagen. And in case you didn’t know … ladies … we need all the collagen we can get as we get older. This primer is not mattifying, but it feels so incredible on my skin and does a really nice job of keeping my makeup in place all day long. I love this one under my Fenty Beauty foundation, because as much as I love the foundation, it can at times be a little drying. 


This product is called a “face base,” and I use it as a primer. I love this one because of how nourishing it is on my skin and how great it smells. While it is not completely  mattifying, this face base keeps my makeup in place all day and gives my skin a really beautiful glow that lasts. I try to use this primer with my Bobbi Brown foundation, however, it honestly works well with any brand that I wear. 

48% don’t use a makeup primer

There are so many primers out there that work well for different skin types, but these are the 3 that I’m rotating between right now.

I did a poll on Instagram and 48% of you said you don’t typically use a makeup primer. My challenge for you this week is to try one! I remember a few years ago when I used a makeup primer for the first time and it completely changed how my makeup applied to my skin. Like, total game changer. My team at work was like … what changed? Your makeup looks amazing! And the secret was a great primer + the right foundation! 

I will dig into my favorite foundations in an upcoming post, but this week, let’s focus on primers! 

Thank you for reading! You can shop my favorites via the links throughout this post! 

XO – Steph 


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