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New York Fashion Week Recap – Day 3

New York Fashion Week Recap – Day 3

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Day 3 of New York Fashion Week was fast and furious! I was originally going to leave town on February 10, but when my son caught wind that I wasn’t going to be at his basketball game, plans quickly changed. I had missed his game last weekend due to work, and this weekend is one of the last games, so I knew it was important to be there. #momlife

With Day 3 being my last day, I was determined to live it up! I had 3 shows and a meeting planned but only made it to 1 show and the meeting, but for good reason. I had the incredible opportunity to meet up with my industry friends, who also happen to be women of color, to have lunch and just talk/catch up as a few of us had never met before, only online. Collaboration is so important, and I loved talking to them, picking their brains, asking questions, celebrating wins together, sharing frustrations and just overall getting inspired to continue to push forward and build our brands. I literally think we could have sat there for several more hours if I didn’t have a flight to catch and we weren’t so tired. It feels good to have a network of likeminded women. Every year that I continue on this journey, I add so many more strong women to my network and feel so blessed. Does it sound like I’m gushing?? Because I totally am! All the feels! Here are the links to their blogs so that you know who I’m talking about:





Before meeting for lunch, I went to the BCBG presentation. I was excited to see what they were doing this season as I hadn’t really been following the brand for awhile. The clothing was gorgeous. Everything was wearable and I could see it fitting into my wardrobe seamlessly. Bold colors, textures, stripes and patterns is how I would describe the collection. The woman who wears this collection is looking to stand out, both in the workplace and out on the town with friends. I enjoyed seeing what the brand is up to. (Photos Courtesy of GPS Radar)

After the presentation, I headed over to my meeting with a PR company that I work with on different collaborations. I like to try to get face time when I can with them as a lot of times we communicate solely via email. I think it’s good for brands to meet you, know who you are and see your personality beyond an email reply. After all, an Instagram photo can only say so much about you. The meet up was productive and I left feeling extremely grateful! They represent so many brands that I didn’t even realize so it was great to learn more about them and see what new products are out there.

When I finished at this meeting it was time to relax for a minute before heading to the lunch that I mentioned above. We were meeting at 2pm so I had some time to get a little rest in. I didn’t leave the lunch until after 5pm, so by the time I got in my Uber it was a race against the clock to finish stuffing everything in my suitcase and head to the airport. When I say stuffing, I mean literally pushing and pulling my bag in every direction trying to get it to fit all of the things I acquired during the course of the trip. Thankfully a couple of brands sent items to my home for me … so nice!! I said on Instagram that it would be by the grace of the my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, if I made it on my flight in time, but I’m happy to report He’s still in the miracle working business, even for the little things! Ha! I’m actually on the plane now typing this!

It was quick trip this fashion week but so worth it as I feel like I am continuing to push myself to get out there and accomplish the things that I have always dreamt of accomplishing. I’m all about making things happen in 2018! So much happened last year within my family that really put life into perspective for me, so I’m working hard to live mine to the fullest.

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting my little corner of the internet. Every blog post view, comment, photo like, share or kind word goes such a long way. So, thank you, thank you!

Have a great week loves!


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