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New York Fashion Week Recap – Day 2

New York Fashion Week Recap – Day 2

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New York Fashion Week – Today was a busy day! I got started bright and early for day two with Burt’s Bees. We had a meditation session followed by breakfast. I loved doing the meditation, it helped me with my breathing and reminded me to stay calm even when the day got crazy. After I wrapped up with Burt’s Bees, I checked out of the hotel they had us at and moved back in to The New Yorker with Nita.

We had a meeting at a showroom almost as soon as I got back to the room so I did a quick change before we left. I love attending showrooms. It’s so nice to see what brands have coming up and what they are planning for the season. We picked out so many goodies, I wasn’t expecting to leave with a bag full of clothes and shoes! No complaints here though!

After we wrapped up at the showroom, I went back to the hotel to get ready to shoot with Beckley Photography.

Fun fact: I typically just pack clothes when I come to NYC, very rarely do I put together a full outfit because it changes so much with my mood and how I’m feeling. I try to select pieces that are easy to layer and wear different ways.

I was able to knock out 4 looks with Rebecca and felt really good about our session. I can always tell when I just “click” with a photographer, and she is definitely someone I’d work with again.


When we wrapped shooting it was SHOWTIME! My first show of the day was PH5. It was actually a presentation, so very much a come and go type atmosphere. I got there a little early and got to see the models getting ready and placed in their spots. I loved that the designer used real women for some of the models. Talk about #GIRLPOWER! I love when brands do this. PH5 has a collaboration with Girls Who Code (obsessed with this organization) and two of the models were young ladies from this organization. Talk about inspiring. I am sharing a few images from the presentation below. I loved the style, all pieces were very wearable and on trend. I absolutely loved the play on shapes and colors, so many details!

About PH5: Established in New York in 2014, PH5 an advanced contemporary women’s knitwear brand founded by Wei Lin, the daughter of a large knitwear manufacturer, and created by a Parsons-trained, Kering award-winning designer, Mijia Zhang. The label challenges the conventional vision of knitwear by marrying whimsical designs with architectural dimensions of knitting techniques using master engineers and computer programmers to bring these designs to life. (Courtesy of PH5)


After PH5, I hopped in an Uber and made my way to the Tadashi show. Tadashi never disappoints. When I arrived the show was quite crowded so it took some time to get in, but once I was seated, I couldn’t wait to see what he was doing this season. Color seems to be an ongoing theme with designers so far. I love that they aren’t shying away from being bold, even with fall/winter wear.

As you’ll see in the photos, long gowns with lots of texture and detail were very much on trend for Tadashi this season. From the lace, to the beading, to the sparkle and that GORGEOUS green! I mean WOW! I couldn’t take my eyes off of the runway. The vibrant shades of purple were also just stunning. Can you tell I’m loving all of the color?


Tadashi ran a bit late getting started so I was incredibly disappointed to miss Pamella Rolland this year. Everyone tells me this is not a show to miss. I did however have a chance to review images from the show and now understand why my fellow industry friends say “don’t miss this show!” Next time something will have to give!

A few words come to mind (other than serious regret for missing this) … Hollywood Glam. Luxurious. Overstated. Breathtaking. I was attempting to just share a few images from the runway looks to share with you all but I could not narrow it down to just a few favorites. So much glamour on one runway, I can hardly stand it. I love the versatility of the looks at the beginning of the show and how she transitioned into the longer, more formal gowns towards the end. Here are a few of my favorites. There were 37 looks, I loved them all!

An important thing to note is the amount of work that goes into creating and designing pieces for fashion week. I have so much respect for these brands and work really hard to share them with you and show you what’s coming for the upcoming season. A lot of times we forget the true genius that goes into the clothes that we wear every single day.

By the time Day 2 was over, I was ready to crash. I had a post due for Burt’s Bees and wanted to get my recaps completed for the day so I didn’t commit to any parties or late night events. I literally come to New York to shoot, meet with PR companies and brands and see shows! Even with just 3 shows scheduled for Day 2, it still felt like a hectic day, but the experience and memories are so worth it.

My Day 3 recap will be up on the blog Monday and I can’t wait to share more of my looks with you from my time here!



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