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NYFW – Recap – Day 1

NYFW – Recap – Day 1

new york fashion week street fashion how to attend fashion week street style beckley photography black fashion blogger

new york fashion week street fashion how to attend fashion week street style beckley photography black fashion blogger

Day 1 of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is in the books! Last night (Wednesday) I got into town and it was cold and rainy outside, not fun, but I love being in New York so I didn’t mind one bit. This day was not a fashion show day for me, but more of an opportunity to meet with a PR company that represents Burt’s Bees as well as coordinates various events and partnerships throughout the U.S.

When I landed in the city, I met up with Nita (@nextwithnita) at the airport. She is my roommate for the few days that I am here. While waiting for our luggage, we ran into Rebecca of @beckleyco photography. It was like fate because my photographer isn’t going to be in town the same dates that I am, and I needed to shoot. #thankyoujesus. I coordinated shoots with Rebecca and then we were off to our hotel.

We are staying at The New Yorker Hotel in a two room executive suite that is a literal dream. I’ve stayed in a few different hotels while in NYC, and this one tops my list. It’s a newly renovated space and definitely feels like we’re living in luxury. When in New York, especially for fashion week, you need SPACE! And I love that I finally I have a room that offers that.

I had a two day event with Burt’s Bees so after we got checked into the hotel, I headed over to the hotel that Burt’s was hosting me at to get checked in there. If that sounds crazy and hectic to you then we’re on the same wave length because it definitely was!

After getting checked into hotel #2, it was time for dinner! We had a brand dinner with members of the Burt’s Bees team where we learned about brand innovations in their skincare line development and what’s new with the brand. It was great to mix and mingle with the team and of course try out some new products.

If you’re like me and had no idea that Burt’s Bees even had the range of skincare products that they have, then I’m here to share … the products are amazing! And no, they didn’t even ask me to say that! I have a really bad habit of not washing my face before bed when I’m tired, but I was having so much fun trying new products that I was strategizing to see how many I could use in one setting and they still be effective. I love face masks, and since I was in New York in the cold, I used the Hydrating Face Mask by Burt’s Bees to keep my skin moisturized and feeling soft. The lip scrubs and overnight lip treatments also came in handy more than once during my trip!

That night we ate at a Mediterranean restaurant named Amali, it was so good! I would absolutely go back there! After dinner we went back to the hotel and I had the chance to delve into more Burt’s Bees products. I’m not lying, I tried quite a few! I linked a few of my favorites below for you.

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Be sure to follow along on my Instagram Story Highlights to see all of the fun from NYFW! Here is the link to my account. @stephtaylorjackson

Thanks so much for reading! Friday’s post will recap Day 2 of NYFW!



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