3 Beauty Sleep Essentials

Let’s talk beauty sleep. Is it really a thing and are you getting any? First things first… YES! Beauty sleep is absolutely a thing. Today on the blog, I am sharing 3 essentials that you need to have the best sleep of your life and the best skin.

3 Beauty Sleep Essentials
1. Get a Good Nights Rest

Sounds pretty basic right? But did you know that when you do not get the proper amount of sleep it’s more than your body that feels and looks tired. It seeps into your skin, under your eyes and into your pores. Sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night allows your skin the opportunity to produce new collagen and repair itself. I did some research on this topic prior to diving in and also found that sleep deprivation causes a decrease in blood flow to this skin surrounding your face, as our bodies boost blood flow to the skin while we sleep. Goodbye gorgeous glow, and hello dull skin. We don’t want now do we? Go to sleep!

2. Sleep On Your Back

When you think about the friction your face encounters while sleeping on your stomach, it is no wonder that sleeping on your back is essential for beauty sleep. It helps reduce wrinkles and maintains the youthful appearance of your skin. It also keeps those creams and serums we spend so much money on, more on your face and less on the pillowcase. While sleeping on your back certainly isn’t for everyone, here are a few pillows that might make it a bit more comfortable for you.

Beauty Sleep Pillows Under $100

3. Wash Your Face + Stay Hydrated

Great beauty sleep starts with great skincare. Every night before bed, wash your face and keep yourself hydrated. Washing your face thoroughly cleanses your pores and removes dirt + dead skin to allow your skin to rejuvenate itself while you sleep. While I do occasionally end the day with a makeup wipe if I am really tired, nothing can replace a good face wash. I have linked some great face washes to consider when building your skincare regimen.

Great Cleansers Under $100

These 3 basic steps are the start to impeccable skin. I can’t wait to dig a little deeper into my current skincare routine in an upcoming post, however, here’s a glimpse into my foundational steps to ensuring that I’m setting my skin up for success each day.

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XO – Steph

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