Jamaica – Laughing Waters – Ochos Rios

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One of the highlights of our trip to Jamaica was visiting the Laughing Waters in Ochos Rios. We met Tony, who is a tour guide that services the resort we were staying at (The Jamaica Inn) and he told us about the adventure. We knew right away that this was something that we wanted to take part in. I am not one to venture too far from the resort when we are on vacation, but I put on my brave face and hopped into the boat with my husband. We rode across the ocean for about 30 minutes until we arrived at the waterfall.

I recorded the entire ride on my camera so you can follow along above to see how beautiful the view was. The water was incredible because the waterfall was fresh water and the ocean was salt water, so we were at a point in the water where the two met and it was really cool to see. Once we got out of the boat, we climbed to up the rocks to where the Laughing Waters are and we got in. The water was moving so strong. Imagine an intense hot tub with jets on … only the water is cold. I had to use my leg muscles to not let the water pull me away but it felt amazing having the water pounding on my back.

Dunnes River Falls is a common destination for tourists to visit when in Jamaica, so we wanted to do something a little more private and not as crowded. I loved that it was just Jason and I experiencing the waterfall, it was super serene and peaceful. We’ve already talked about bringing the boys back here.

On the way back from the Laughing Waters, our tour guide, Tony, stopped us by the coral reef in the middle of the ocean. We went snorkeling and saw lots of fish! Jason is quite the swimmer and was way out away from the boat checking out everything under the water, but I stayed right by the boat and kept coming up to make sure Tony could see me in case of emergency (haha! paranoid much?)

After we snorkeled for a bit, we rode the boat back to The Jamaica Inn where we were staying. It was an awesome adventure that I cannot wait to experience again some day. My husband kept telling me how surprised he was that I got into the ocean and snorkeled, but when in Jamaica … I figured I might as well live a little and have a good time.

Have you been to Ochos Rios before? If so, what are your favorite things to do? I am hoping to make it back soon!

Thanks so much for reading. Check out my next posts for a full recap of our trip to Jamaica and The Jamaica Inn.

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