Beauty Hacks: What I Swear By

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Who doesn’t love a good beauty hack? I rounded up 5 hacks that I realized I use pretty frequently and wanted to share them with you all.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Puffy face when you wake up? Try rubbing ice all over the areas of concern or putting something cold on your skin. Not only does this trick calm my skin down, it gives me a fresh face to start the day.

2. Throw away your makeup remover! Natural oils are excellent makeup removers and you probably already have them in your kitchen. I personally love avocado oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil, but really, any oil does an amazing job of breaking down the makeup on your face and removing it. I’ve even used olive oil when I was out of some of my others.

3. Drink your weight in water. I’m not the best at this one but when I’m on track and doing what I need to do to get my water intake in, this makes all the difference with my skin as well as my insides.

4. Concealer is your best friend. Tip 1: Put on concealer after you apply foundation. Tip 2: draw triangles or vertical lines under your eyes, blend it in with a wet sponge or beauty blender to brighten up your eye area. I take it a step further and apply product to my entire T-zone!

5. Prime + Set. Always apply primer before putting on your makeup. Primer is a great way to help your makeup go on smooth and last all day. Once you’re finished applying your makeup, set your face with a great setting powder or setting spray. There are so many options out there, you can literally achieve any look you’re going for – dewy, matte, glow … you name it!

What are some beauty hacks you love? As I was typing this, I realized I had so many other “hacks” that I use every day, I almost changed the post to 10 beauty hacks, but I went ahead and kept it at 5 to keep it short and simple. I will add on more in a future post!!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

XO – Steph


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