How To Plan A Girls Trip

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Girls trip 101! This year I turned 30 and I wanted to do something really fun for my birthday! All of my close friends from high school turned 30 this year also, so we started planning for a fun long weekend in Cabo to get away and celebrate.

This girls trip first came up as a possibility in January, and while we all go on our own trips individually, this was our first time traveling together, so I was very excited to get some ideas going! We had such a good time and stayed at the perfect resort, so I’m sharing a few tips on how to plan the perfect girls trip – because everyone should go on at least 1 in their life! I’m determined to make this a yearly thing for my friends!

how to plan the perfect girls trip birthday trip ideas getaway

1. How To Plan A Girls Trip: Pull out your calendars and agree on a date

The older we get, the more hectic our schedules can get, so pull out your calendars and see what dates might work for your getaway. I’d recommend having 1-2 back up days just in case flight deals are better for a different weekend. Luckily, we all were able to make the same weekend work and we found a great deal on Expedia that helped to make the trip really affordable.

2. How To Plan A Girls Trip: Make sure everyone has their passports

We knew we wanted to go to Mexico, so we needed to make sure that everyone had a passport and that it wasn’t expired. We only had one person who needed to get a passport, and since we started planning several months in advance, it was not a big deal to get that prior to our departure.

3. How To Plan A Girls Trip: Set trackers for flights and check deals periodically

Now that we have determined our dates and have our passports in progress, we set trackers on flights and checked them out periodically. We didn’t buy until a little over a month prior to the trip. We all have different sites that we use to check deals, so it was helpful to have varying perspectives and options on what was out there in terms of flights, resorts and bundle deals. Even though we booked through Expedia, we searched several sites before deciding on that one.

4. HOw To Plan A Girls Trip: Be flexible

During the waiting phase of checking flights and rates, it’s important to be flexible. Even though I really wanted to go to Cabo, if another part of Mexico had a better deal, I was ready to go there too. The water is also very rough in Cabo, and we had a few ladies in the group that wanted to be able to get in the water, so we looked at Cancun as well. Cabo ended up being cheaper, but we found a resort that had a private beach and we were able to keep everyone happy! To me, it’s important to remember the overall objective of the trip is to relax and have a great time with friends, so if there are changes that need to be made, just go with it!

5. How To Plan A Girls Trip: Travel/Pack Smart

We flew Spirit, which I think was a first for all of us! In order to save on travel costs, we shared a suitcase – 2 people per bag – plus our individual carry ons. This worked out really well. I of course went over the weight limit because I brought a lot of pieces to shoot for the blog but the idea was to save on costs! Haha!

6. How To Plan A Girls Trip: Discuss activities/excursions ahead of time

Figure out who wants to go on an adventure and who just wants to lay on the beach, from there, plan out your days to meet both needs or split up so that you can do both! We went to see the arch and we did an impromptu banana boat ride on our last day in Cabo (if I ever get the green light to share the hilarious video from that train wreck, trust me, I will!) We were all on the same page for the most part on this, but talk to your friends and figure out what you all want to do!

7. How To Plan A Girls Trip: Get ready to have SO MUCH FUN!

I feel like this one is self-explanatory! You are planning this getaway to have FUN with your best girls, so just let loose and have a great time!

Have you traveled recently with your girlfriends? Tell me all about it! This was my first time and honestly, I had the best time. I literally can’t wait to go on another one. I think 3-4 days is the perfect amount of time and we all really enjoyed just relaxing and soaking up the sun.

So grab your girls and getaway somewhere! I am now a huge advocate for everyone going on a girls trip! Even if you start off small and do a staycation, that time is so important.

Thanks so much for reading! Here are some pictures from my girls trip!

XO – Steph

how to plan the perfect girls trip birthday trip ideas getaway

how to plan the perfect girls trip birthday trip ideas getaway

how to plan the perfect girls trip birthday trip ideas getaway

how to plan the perfect girls trip birthday trip ideas getaway

how to plan the perfect girls trip birthday trip ideas getaway

how to plan the perfect girls trip birthday trip ideas getaway


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