Perfect Little Black Dress + How To Balance A Traveling Spouse

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Every time I find a noteworthy Little Black Dress, I share it on here for you guys to see because I strongly believe every woman should have a healthy rotation of options in her closet. This was another ASOS find during their 20% off dresses sale. It is incredibly form fitting, yet not too tight.

This particular dress would be perfect for work if you add a blazer or a button up blouse under it. I love finding versatile pieces! What are some of your favorite LBDs?

How To Find Balance With A Traveling Spouse

Something that I don’t share very much on the blog or social media, is the fact that my husband travels quite a bit for work each week. As you all know, I work full-time and blog full-time (I put in over 40 hours a week for both) and often times finding balance for my family can be a challenge. I know many of you are in the same situation as us, so I wanted to share what works and how we find balance.

Pick A Day That Works – Use It To Get Ahead

I work weekends and evenings a lot for my daytime job and for the blog, so my husband really steps up and gets us ready for the week on Sundays. We pack the boys’ lunches, plan meals, and get all laundry washed and ready for the week. I honestly don’t think our week would run as smooth as it does without the prep work that my hubby puts in every Sunday. I know it’s the last thing that many of us want to do as we try to relish in the final moments of the weekend, but your Wednesday self will thank you, trust me. By having all of this taken care of on Sunday, when I’m home with the boys during the week trying to get everything done, it’s one less thing we have to worry about. Since my spouse is gone during the hectic parts of the week, his way of keeping us sane is taking care of as much as he can when he is home. If I’m off on the weekend, then I am doing the same things, getting our family ready for the week.

Get On A Schedule

We have a lot of moving parts in the Jackson household. Between sports, after school activities, tutoring and my own personal work, it often feels like every hour of our day, every week, is taken with some sort of activity. It helps when my husband is out of town for us to have our weekly schedule as set as possible. I try to make sure that I don’t add any last minute activities, even if it’s really enticing, because it just throws off the schedule and is hard on the kids keeping their routine. Even if you don’t have children, there are probably some consistent aspects of your week that occur on a weekly basis. Think through those things, map out a schedule and hold yourself to that schedule. My life was utter chaos until I started taking the time to do this, and I’m so glad I did. It makes all the difference when I’m trying to get everyone where they need to be without my husband here to help me.

Constant Communication

The hardest thing to balance, outside of keeping the family’s schedule together, is keeping the kiddos (… and me too) happy and not missing dad too much! We talk all the time and try to make it as if he never even left. Since I work a lot on the weekends, this is usually their dad/son bonding time and the boys love it!

What are some of your tips that work for your family? We try really hard to make our lives as easy as possible because there are so many things that we have going on. So far, this has worked for us! I’d love to hear from you too though.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great week

XO – Steph



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