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How I Style High Waist Jeans

How I Style High Waist Jeans

how to style high waist denim jeans
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I have a new found love for high waist denim. Honestly, high waist anything is my jam! I got these jeans from the Bollare Showroom in New York, they are from Wrangler and I love them. I was nervous that they wouldn’t fit but I’m wearing my normal size 27. My top is actually a dress that I also got from my friends at Bollare, but it was a little short for my taste so I opted to wear it as a top! Before I knew it, I had created my own summer version of the Canadian tuxedo. I linked a few great high waist jeans options for you to check out! But first a couple styling tips: 1. Tuck that shirt in – I know it might feel weird, but you want to show off your high waist bottoms, so tuck away!! 2. Even though I’m not wearing heels with this look, I would recommend wearing a chunky heel. It’s such a retro look to begin with, so go all out! High waist jeans that you need right NOW:
What’s your favorite way to style high waist denim? I’ll be sharing more looks in these jeans in the coming weeks because I’ve worn them SO much lately. Also, in case you are wondering, my shoes are mules from Nordstrom.¬†They are the best mules I’ve owned because I don’t have to curl up my toes when I walk to keep them on my feet. I hope you enjoyed my Spring version of the Canadian Tuxedo and my high waist denim style! Send me your looks at I love to share my favorites in my newsletter or Instagram stories. Thanks so much for reading! Photography by Beckley Photography XO – Steph [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]
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