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How To Master Work Week Chic – The Working Gals Guide To Office Fashion

How To Master Work Week Chic – The Working Gals Guide To Office Fashion

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How To Master Work Week Chic –

The Working Gals Guide To Office Fashion

While I don’t have the pleasure of going into an office every day, I do love the idea of styling for it and often wonder what I’d wear to work each day if did. (I work in retail so my wardrobe is a little  different than your typical office wear). I wanted to round up a few ideas on how to master work week chic for my working girls out there, so I put together a few closet must haves that are sure to keep you looking and feeling like you deserve a “best dressed” award.


Anyone can wear a straight leg trouser or pencil skirt, and these are traditional go to looks for women in the office, but I would love to challenge you to explore the art of adding texture and volume to these options. Something I love to do is wear culottes, high waist paints or skirts that are midi length with a gathering or some sort of multi-dimension. I wasn’t born to be a basic B and neither were you! I linked a few retailer examples below with options to elevate your traditional office bottoms.

Nordstrom |  ASOS


I live for an elaborate blouse, especially one with great sleeves, a high neck or ruffles. There are so many great options to choose from when styling tops for the office. I know everyone isn’t in to a lot of detail like I am, so search for pieces that just speak to you! You’ll know it when you see it. If it scares you a little bit, then go for it, those sometimes the best finds.

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Great shoes go a long way. If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time then you probably know that I do not wear super high heels, I just can’t do it! But that doesn’t mean I can’t dress things up with the shoes I am comfortable wearing. Having a range of heels, mules, sandals and boots is so important. Swing by my shop pages to see what I’m currently loving.

The important thing to keep in mind when styling for the office is that you should never get comfortable or complacent with your style. So what if you’re not doing exactly what you want to do! Dress for the job you want, it will come in due time. Show me your work week chic looks, I’d love to see them! My email is – I’ll share my favorites on Instagram!

Thanks so much for reading!

XO – Steph

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