How to Style Leather Shorts

how to style leather shorts
how to style leather shorts
How To Style Leather Shorts

How to style leather shorts! Well, faux leather shorts that is. I’m having some fun with these shorts that I found on ASOS and here’s one way that I love to style them. We’re in that weird time of year where I really want to dress for spring but it’s still kind of cold, so I love playing with shorts while we transition. Also, shorts are on the hot list for spring 2022 trends. Let’s play!

I found this blue, mock neck sweater that is lightweight enough to wear by itself or paired with a coat. The color is gorgeous and would look great on any skin tone. While scrolling Amazon, I came across the blue sunglasses that gives a really cool matching look, without trying too hard.

how to style leather shorts

I’m linking a few other short styles that I found at a great price point. What I love about the leather shorts look is that you can absolutely carry this with you into the next season. My next pair will be brown or cream for a softer, brighter look. Shop more leather shorts below!

In other news, I’m headed to an event tomorrow with Alo Yoga and I’m excited to go to my first event of the year. I told myself this year that I would be better about getting out of the house and going to the things I’m invited to. I am such an introvert and really struggle in new situations or around new people, but hopefully by pushing myself to get out more, I’ll be able to be a little better at it. Fingers crossed! I also started therapy late last year which has been amazing for my mental health. My anxiety, especially my social anxiety is something I want to take head on in 2022, so I joined Talkspace and it’s been great so far.

Enough about me! How are you guys? How has the start to the new year been?

You can shop this post below by clicking on the images or checking out my LTK shop. 

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