Here Is Why I Quit My Job.

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I dreamed of this day for years. On August 23, 2021, I submitted my letter of resignation, and for the first time ever it was not to go to another employer, but to work for myself and focus 100% on my brand.

What. A. Feeling.

It’s indescribable, really. I loved my job, but the love I have for myself, my family and the potential of growing something I truly enjoy even more kept pulling me to take the leap. If you’ve been around awhile then you know that I resisted this day for YEARS.  In fact, I think there’s a quote out there where I said I would never stop working. My thought process was, I’m in my prime earning years. I have a great job, great salary and amazing benefits. On top of that, I have a side hustle that generates more income than my 9-5 gig and is extremely lucrative. Why would I stop that cash flow?! Give me ALL the coins. Every single one.

A Change of Heart

Well, here’s what happened … I started to realize I was spending more time working than living. Adding a third child to the mix was a total game changer for me. Being on the road and always working was quickly losing it’s appeal. I LOVED being busy and juggling multiple plates to the point of exhaustion. But I started to wonder after Zoe was born … do I REALLY enjoy this or am I just so used to this hustle that I’ve conditioned myself to keep going no matter what? The last few months revealed to me that it is the latter.

Why am I working two jobs when I don’t have to? Am I scared to take the leap? Am I being greedy? Is money more important to me than my husband and children? All questions I started asking myself while sitting in hotel room after hotel room alone during my travels for work. I didn’t need to work outside of the home, and yet I kept grinding as if I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from.

Time For A Change

It was TIME. Every ounce of me felt it. I also knew when my husband was bugging me about when my last day at work would be that it was a sign. He’s always been a bit more cautious than me. So here we are, a few days into working for myself and there’s no looking back. I want to share 3 things we did to prepare for me leaving my job in hopes that it will help you too:

  1. We saved a good portion of our income to be able to live off of in worst case scenarios. I would recommend a full year salary or more if you can. Our monthly budget is set up in a way that allows us move money around to ensure we are saving and investing appropriately.
  2. We eliminated all debt and we live significantly below our means. No student loans, no car debt, we have a house payment but could pay off the entire mortgage right now if we really wanted to.
  3. We invested in income generating assets. We own real estate, so when our tenants pay rent, we get paid. We also keep our savings in accounts that generate a % return every month. It’s like getting paid off of your savings and it is awesome! More on that in a future blog post.

What’s Next?

I don’t know how I’m going to feel with all of this freedom. So much of my life, and what I share has always been with a job in mind … “I better not say that, I have people from work watching” “I can’t be on Instagram right now, my job will think I’m not focused on work” and so many other scenarios but WOW … I work for myself now! My first order of business will be establishing a daily routine and content plan. From there, I look forward to experimenting with more things that I’ve always wanted to do but felt too overwhelmed to add anything else to my plate.

I am so excited and grateful to God for this opportunity. Thank you so much for being here! AHHHHHHHHH let’s do this!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Here Is Why I Quit My Job.

  1. Wow. Your story is so relatable. I quit my job last year to become a full time “Lady of Leisure” and it’s absolutely glorious. There is nothing better than having time freedom. I’m also 100% debt free (incl house) and lived well below by means for many years. I now live off my investment portfolio. Thanks for sharing your story. Others need to know what’s possible.

  2. I love this all so much. I just quit my job this year to do the same. My husband earns enough to support us with only his salary, so now that I make more than him, we are planning just like you. Saving a year’s salary and paying off our house (our only debt) to feel secure enough for him to quit his job and work for himself like me. The amazing feeling this freedom gives is euphoric! I wish everyone could have this. You go girl! I’m right behind ya.


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