4 Ways To Get “The Shot” Without An Instagram Husband

Confession: My husband HATES taking my pictures and doesn’t particularly like being in front of the camera either.

But I’m a blogger and I document a lot of moments in my life, so how do I do it? I get asked a lot about photography, filters and what type of camera I use. So sharing the honest truth about how I get “the shot” is what I’m going to do today.

I have a lot of friends who have their husbands as photographers, and while I think that’s amazing, I don’t have that luxury! And I know many of you don’t either.  Sidenote: I won’t lie, it took me a while to understand that my husband doesn’t love me any less (I would be so MAD at him … like, why don’t you LOVE me!? just take my picture!) I know some of you can relate! He is fully supportive of the blog in every other way, but if it involves a camera, count him out. Thankfully, I’ve learned to deal with that!

I had to figure out how I was going to be able to capture the images and content that I needed to create on a daily basis without the help of my significant other.

FOUR Ways to get “The Shot” Without An Instagram Husband:

1. Blogger Link Ups

There are SO many Facebook groups for bloggers. Find some in your area, or even just larger groups, there is bound to be someone in the same city as you! Reach out via a post or DM and set up photo sessions with each other!

But I don’t have a good camera, Stephanie!

That’s OK! I took a lot photos on my iPhone when I was just starting out. Use editors like Snapseed, Lightroom or Photoshop to get the look you are wanting. Update June 2020: iPhone cameras have evolved so much over the years. I shoot a lot of content on my phone and rarely use a DSLR. (If I’m shooting on my own, sans photographer)

2. Use a Tri-Pod

I use a tri-pod a lot, mainly when I’m at home trying to shoot beauty content or need to get an additional campaign photo. My goal this year is to get outside more with it and shoot myself with my tri-pod and camera so that I am not always using a photographer.

Update June 2020: This is the tripod I use, it comes with a remote!

3. Hire a professional photographer

This probably seems like a no brainer, BUT it’s important to find a photographer who GETS IT! Professional photography can be expensive, however, you need to find someone who understands that blogger photography is different than your normal family or bridal session. I shoot every week, 3-5 looks each time. A good rate for outfits is $150/hour.

Update June 2020: I have not been shooting with a photographer much this year due to COVID, so my tripod and tip #4 have been crucial to my content creation!

4. Use your friends!

I was on a girls’ trip recently and didn’t have my normal set up so I had one of my girlfriends help me out by taking my photos. This was the best and most convenient way to get what I needed. Plus, you’re comfortable with your friends and you can direct them to get the right shot. I have also used my children, they love to take my photos and will take as many as I need with no complaints or for a low price of cookies and video game time.

Blogger friends! What do you do to get “the shot” outside of what I mentioned?

I hope this helps you! If you’re in the Dallas area, feel free to reach out as I’d love to link up!

XO – Steph

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