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Nordstrom Fall Beauty Haul

Nordstrom Fall Beauty Haul

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We’ve partnered with Nordstrom Beauty to share my latest fall beauty haul! All thought and views are my own. 

I stopped by Nordstrom last week and picked up a few beauty essentials to carry me through the new season.

I have been out of a few things in my beauty bag for awhile. Foundation, lipsticks, makeup removers … you name it, I’m out! So it was definitely time to make a trip to one of my favorite beauty destinations, Nordstrom.

I am SO excited to show you what’s in my beauty bag this fall, plus because I love you guys … I rounded up a few things that are on my wishlist too.

Let’s dive in! Below I’m wearing the Lancome foundation that is linked for you! I also found a gorgeous dupe to this hot pink lipstick. Keep scrolling!


Nordstrom Fall Beauty Haul: Foundation

It’s no secret that I tend to use the same foundations every day. You know how it is when you find something you love, then you just stick with it! Well I restocked 3 of my favorites for fall and plan to keep them in heavy rotation.

The line up is Lancome, Too Faced and Bareminerals. Now, I use a LOT of different brands, so this is not an exclusive list, but these are the 3 that needed to restocked in order to make it through these next few months!


Nordstrom Fall Beauty Haul: Skincare

The older I get, the more I have started to appreciate the importance of a great skincare routine. This includes removing my makeup every night before bed. A once dreaded task has now become a nightly ritual that I actually look forward to (usually). To be honest, I still hate the “task” but having clear skin is SO worth it. I picked up a few items that help me almost daily.

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Nordstrom Fall Beauty Haul: Lipstick

Last up in my fall beauty haul … I got a few new lipstick shades! I’m not one to wear dark tones very often, so I bought a few new tubes in my favorite shades: pink and red!

These few items are small but mighty additions to my beauty bag. What are your fall beauty essentials? I linked everything I bought from Nordstrom throughout this post. Check them out, who knows, they may become your favorites as well!

Thank you for reading!

XO – Steph

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