As many of you know, we bought a new house earlier this year! It has been so exciting to be in a new space and finally be able to decor how we want. For those that don’t know, we’ve been renting for the past two years! I shared on my Instagram how much I love budget friendly home decor. It makes me happy when I can bargain shop, without sacrificing style. 

We’re taking it slow with this house, and will be doing one room at a time. I want to make sure I love the decor decisions I’m making, because I have zero interest in doing any projects over again! I don’t know about you, but sometimes after looking at something and analyzing it for so long … I change my mind! LOL #aintnobodygotime(ormoney)forthat! 

I rounded up several budget friendly home decor finds that I think you all will really enjoy. The “save” button on every home decor website has become my best friend. This way I can come back when I’m ready to buy and find what I’m looking for with ease. It also helps to have everything ready to show my husband, so that I’m ready should I catch him when he’s in the mood to do a little shopping 🙂


Everything I found is under $300! And the best part … it’s all from Walmart! Shop my favorites throughout this post. The above widget will update as I find new things on the Walmart website. Thank you so much for reading! 

XO – Steph