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How To Style: Monochromatic

How To Style: Monochromatic

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glitter sweater | wide leg pants | pink velvet shoes | sunglasses | lipcolor

Styling monochromatic looks has been my obsession lately. It’s so easy to do and often times you’ll already have the pieces in your closet to make it happen. I did an all red look a few weeks ago, and this week I’m having fun with warmer tones.

I found the sweater at HM and started building my look from there. I honestly didn’t buy these pieces with the intent of wearing them together, but it all worked so well when I started styling outfits for the week.

Monochromatic by definition is using only one color. I like to use different shades and tones of the same color to really elevate my look. Would you believe me if I told you I bought my velvet shoes over a year ago and I’m just now wearing them? I had to wait for the perfect style moment. I’m just thrilled they are still in style!

Have you tried the monochromatic look? Here’s a little style challenge for you, go to your closet and see what pieces you have in the same color. Then start building your look, even if it’s a casual one! Give it a try. E-mail me or DM me on Instagram and let me know how you do! I want to see!

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