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How To Organize Your Closet

How To Organize Your Closet

I am not a neat freak by any means, but there are a few things in life that I am OCD about and one of them is my closet. We recently moved from our home in Houston and are currently renting an apartment until we figure out where we want to settle down. The hardest thing in this transition has not been the smaller living space, it has honestly been the closet and having to share one with my husband! I had my own closet in our last house, so this new situation has been quite strange and has required some deep breathing and lots of grace.  

My hangers must match, handbags are on display, shoes are organized by color and style and clothing is organized the same way. As I’m sure you can imagine, my husband could care less about what color his hangers are! Today I thought I’d share some organization tips and a few things that I have in my closet that help me achieve the perfect space that is always ready for a style session. 

1. A great full length mirror

2. Matching hangers

This is a small detail, but I promise you it makes all the difference. I prefer black hangers but I’ve seen some amazing closets with white or other colors as well. The cohesiveness does something for my brain LOL! I walk in my closet to create looks, so everything has to flow and not be a distraction. 

3. Organize By Style

I have my tops, bottoms, dresses, heels, boots, sandals, shoulder bags, cross-body bags, etc. all organized by style. It makes getting dressed so much easier when I know exactly where to look to find what I need. It is also visually appealing! 

4. Give Everything A Home

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Whether it is your jewelry, cold weather accessories or belts – ensure that everything has a home. I can’t function in a cluttered environment. Literally can’t do it! When everything has it’s own space, it makes it easier to not only find things, but you’re less inclined to just throw things anywhere because you know a good, safe place to put it. 

5. Tips For Smaller Spaces

I can speak first hand about this because I went from a very large closet that was all my own, to a closet that is smaller that I am currently sharing with my husband. If you’re curious, I’m counting down the days until we are out of here! But until then, what I’ve done to make the space work is make my half of the closet as organized as possible, using my previous practices above. I fold more casual tees and things that I don’t wear as often, instead of having them hanging to save space and I utilize closet organizers and jewelry organizers a lot too. 


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