Sunglasses are easily one of my favorite accessories to wear all year long. They can add a touch of glam to an already fabulous outfit, or they can hide your face when you’re having a hot mess mommy morning (I wear them for the latter reason more times than not). I haven’t bought a new pair of sunglasses in over a year. My absolute favorite pair got washed away in the ocean during our last vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico and I guess you could say I’ve been mourning the loss ever since! Haha! Well I finally got tired of squinting in the sun and started my quest to find the perfect sunglasses.

As a mother of two young boys, I know that whatever I buy, I have to be okay with the fact that there is an 75% chance they will get snapped in half, food spilled on them or even lost in a sea of toys! Kids will be kids!

A great rule of thumb when choosing shades is to keep in mind your face shape. I have a very square jaw line and feel as though a more square frame fits my face better than a round frame. I also have a big head (it’s okay, you can laugh), so over-sized frames are a must have for me! I look crazy in tiny frames! Something else to keep in mind is the purpose of sunglasses – to protect your precious eyes from the sun, so make sure they aren’t just cute and they have that protection! You only get two eyes, right? 🙂

Complete your sunglasses look with one my favorite summer looks: here.

I tagged my favorite sunglasses to the image below! When you order some, tag me! I’d love to see how you rock them! @stephtaylorjackson

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